The mission of the PCF is to provide the EPFL community at large with consulting, teaching, protein analysis services and quantitative method development on a collaborative basis. The Facility is equipped with state of the art mass spectrometers, HPLC systems and bioinformatics tools to identify and structurally characterize proteins including their post-translational modifications and to quantify their abundance in various matrices. The PCF is also hosting a Lipidomics group whose mission is to establish reference quantitative profiles of lipids from various sources.


The PCF-PTP team is organized around a facility manager, three protein analysis experts and one bioinformatician.
The team totalizes over 30 years cumulated experience in MS based protein analysis with a great part of it gained in industrial environment (MDS Proteomics, GeneProt, Atheris, Roche…). The PCF laboratory is currently equipped with sample preparation and fractionation devices (HPLC, pI), 4 LC-ESI-MS/MS and 1 MALDI-TOF/TOF instruments. The bioinformatics analysis pipeline includes Mascot, Phenyx, Xtandem! and SEQUEST servers and data post-treatment tools like Proteome Discoverer and Scaffold.

Other services and activities

The PCF contributes to collaborative based services requiring heavy involvement of both parties like:

  • accurate protein quantification by SRM-MRM (offered to the EPFL community and on a collaboration basis).
  • localization and eventually quantification of PTM’s other than phosphorylation like ubiquitination, acetylation.

The PCF entertains a tight collaboration with other proteomics facilities ( UNIL-PAF , UNIGE-PCF , UNIBE ) within a network called Repp-SO and with computer science and bioinformatics research centers ( Vital-IT , SIB …).